Kavra Smiles Reward Program

Introducing Kavra Fashion® 's Customer Loyalty Program

Kavra Fashion offers Kavra Smiles Rewards
  • We're excited to introduce

    Kavra Fashion® 's customer rewards and loyalty program where our customers are give Kavra Smiles Points as rewards which can be redeemed to get discounts.

  • Now you can earn Kavra Smiles while you shop with us.
  • You can earn Kavra Smiles for following us or sharing on social media.
  • As Kavra Fashion™ grows, more will be discounts and offers as rewards

Ways you can earn while shopping with Us:

Activity Kavra Smiles
500 Kavra Smiles
Order 1 Kavra Smiles / INR
Birthday 1,000 Kavra Smiles

10,000 Kavra Smiles on Referral's first purchase

5,000 Kavra Smiles to the Referral after the first purchase

Ways you can earn following us on Social Sites:

Activity Kavra Smiles
Like on Facebook
1000 Kavra Smiles
Share on Facebook 500 Kavra Smiles 
Follow on Twitter 1000 Kavra Smiles
Share on Twitter 500 Kavra Smiles
Follow on Instagram 1000 Kavra Smiles

How to Get Started

First Step is,

Register Today

You can check your rewards balance at any time by clicking the icon in the left corner of the screen after logging your account.